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Wanting to build your own house comes with a lot of responsibilities and choices that one needs to make. At this time, the choices being made must be correct because they are all regarding your future house and need to be perfect at all costs. The first thing you do after buying a property or a place to build your house in, you start searching for a construction company that will guide you through this hectic work. Construction companies need to be selected carefully since they get all the responsibility of providing you with your dream place and coming up to your expectations in bringing your ideal architect and interior designs into a marvellous reality!

What do construction companies do?

Construction companies, when hired, decide to take over all the plans of the building situations. The map and plan out the entire infrastructure of the place and get started. Most of these companies do not only have construction workers or labourers who put bricks together to form a building, there are other people in these companies on lower and higher levels. While some take care of the building designs and the architectural work, some workers offer the interior designing ob or other designing in case the customer wants it. The blueprints, ideas, architecture, and everything in between all the way to actually using cement and paint to decorate the house is all managed by the construction companies once you ask for their services.

Ittefaq Group

Ittefaq Group is a known and well-reputed construction company in Pakistan. We deal in all types of construction work to please our customers. Whether you want to bring your dream house into a reality or need help in putting out a bridge over the rivers, we will provide you with the best services we have. Our workers are all trained and have experience of over 20+ years in this field. We carefully hire people that can offer you nothing but the best and most attentive services. There are a few things we have in store for you at our construction company, and these are:

  • We have Building Solutions that will help modify whatever structural design you choose for us to make your building in. We excel in that area of work.
  • We provide concrete solutions as well. This means that most of the concrete mixture and cement and other construction material that we used are manufactured by none other but our own company, and nothing but the best should be expected from our quality materials!
  • Our Electro-mechanical solutions are here to ensure that you are getting trusted instalments in your house if you need them. We deal with all types of mechanical and electrical work as well.