Concrete- A Modern Building Material

The invention of Concrete has revolutionized the construction world. Conventional materials are either ephemeral or have reduced strength thus making them prone to damage by earthquakes and general time procession. In contrast to these, concrete possesses enhanced durability and strength. Due to its numerous types fabricated by altering manufacturing ingredients, it exhibits a versatile usage. Owed to its physical and chemical properties, it offers thermal insulation, fire resistance, and enhances the acoustic of the structure. The production of concrete is deteriorating our planet despite the innovations aimed to reduces this effect. Regardless of this, it is counted as a sustainable material due to the benefits it renders to the constructor. In addition to this, it is known for its aesthetic appeal and is widely used in minimalistic design.

How it is prepared?

Concrete is a mixture of various aggregates and for this reason, an accurate composition is required to attain a high-quality product. Hence, concrete comes in various types: volumetric concrete, glass concrete, ready-mix concrete, decorative, smart, pervious, pumped concrete, limecrete, roll compacted concrete, shotcrete, and many more. These categories have subdivisions too usually obtained by altering ratios of their core ingredients. All these render varying benefits and are used as per need in construction projects. Ready-mix concrete is prepared industrially in a mixture to preserve its purity and enhance its building strength. 

As long as the physical properties of the concrete are concerned, the ready-mix concrete exhibits immense benefits. It has high compressive strength and is extremely durable. It is temperature resistant as it inhibits compression and expansion within the structure. This is because it has a low thermal expansion coefficient. However, concrete shrinks as it dries and this might result in permanent cracks in the structure. It has acoustic insulation properties as well. Thus, the benefits of concrete as a construction material are spiraling making it one of the most used modern materials. Due to this versatility, it can be molded into any shape be it linear or curved. Hence, it fulfills structural ideals while accommodating freedom in designing as well.

Find the right material at the right prices

Apart from its structure benefits of strength and durability, the concrete structure is celebrated for its aesthetics widely. Rather than covering the concrete with plaster and other cladding, it’s bare used is normalized.

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