Get Your Construction Work Done Perfectly!

In the times and eras before, it wasn’t as hard to buy a house or to construct one. Although it was still not an easy job to get done, it was nothing compared to the tough job it requires now. The reason can be that of expenses and the quality of the work that is being provided. One cannot trust a company fully to provide them with the best construction if they are not trustable. There are many construction companies ready to offer their help but you might find yourself questioning their methods and ways. If you want to get a house built or some other building, it is obviously important for you to hire a construction company for yourself. These companies will need to be paid to get the job done for you.

What do construction companies do?

A construction company, when it is hired, manages the entirety of the construction plans. From executing and mapping out a proper plan all the way to building up that vision with bricks and cement, these companies do it all for you. They have workers, labourers, architects, managers, and other staff that is needed. All of these people work together under a single company and get your needed building built for you. They will manage the supplying of cement and bricks, and some construction companies even hire interior designers that will further help you to decorate your house once it is complete.

The best and most trusted company

Ittefaq Group is one of the most trusted construction companies in Pakistan and has been working for well over 3 decades. Working since 1986, we provide our clients with the most innovative and creative solutions for their building problems. We have got the best architects, and workers ready to work on your needed construction plan. Other than the construction services, we have a lot of other services to provide you as well. Some of which are:

Ittefaq group developers

We are now dealing with real estate as well. Giving you access to the best properties in good and trusted neighborhoods.

Ittefaq concrete solutions

We make sure that we are catering to your construction project with only the best and most trusted concrete and that is why we create our concrete ourselves. We have standardized concrete solutions ready for you.

Ittefaq wire

We create and sell the best quality wire in all sizes. These wires are mostly used during the construction of walls and roofs of buildings and houses.

Electro-mechanical solutions

Your project will need electrical services and you won’t have to go anywhere else because here at Ittefaq Group, we provide you with the best EMS solutions and testing!