Why Do You Need a MEP Company?

When you are planning to construct a building, your utmost priority is to make the building strong yet you want the work done on its interior to be wonderful so that the building will become suitable for human use. MEP is the key to get internal work of a building efficiently.

What is meant by MEP?

MEP is an acronym for mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineering. These three are the main components which can make a building suitable for human use and residence. Usually installation work of machinery, electricity and plumbing is done together, as one way or another, they are closely associated with each other.

Why is MEP important?

Mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineering is a very important aspect when it comes to the construction of different buildings as it provides effective plans for the constructions. MEP has great significance in planning, decision making, construction and operating of the building. If you are looking forward to constructing a building then you should definitely hire a MEP company in Karachi and get its mechanical, electrical and plumbing work done impressively.

What is included in MEP services?

  • Electric wiring system of the building

Life without electricity seems impossible as electricity is used on a daily basis in human life. MEP deals with installation of electrical wires, circuits, switch boards, generator sets, electric points etc. to ensure safe use of electricity.

  • Plumbing services of the building

MEP services include the plumbing work of a building and ensure that different taps and showers are fitted correctly in a building. MEP company in Karachi also provides the facility of insertion of water pipelines along with sewerage lines to confirm the building is getting good water supply and the water is drained properly.

  • Installations of electrical equipment

In a world full of luxuries no one can survive without different electrical equipment in their building. MEP companies in Karachi will lend you a helping hand in safe installation of air-conditioners, lifts, heaters, heat pumps, machineries etc.

How MEP is improving the construction process and making it less expensive

With different MEP plans, maintenance and operating of a building has become more trouble free as the constructor knows where different water lines, electrical wires and electrical appliances are installed in a building which helps in renovation and maintenance of a building.

With MEP planning the constructor knows where and when he will be needing different equipment and materials which will be useful in budgeting and saving money.

Ittifaq group, a big name in construction industry

Ittifaq group is the leading MEP company in Karachi with a group of professional and experienced planners, engineers, quality inspectors and designers to guarantee their clients best construction solutions and services. From constructing a simple house to skyscrapers, Ittifaq group is well known in the field. Your comfort and safety is our top priority. We will make sure that we are using the best material in the construction of your building and deliver you with the best services in town. Our team is always ready to meet you and discuss different construction plans and designs with you to deliver you the building you want.