Tyar Chatain: Significance of Precast Concrete Roofs

In Pakistan the precast concrete roofs are normally referred to as Tyar Cahatain.. It is a type of construction, where concrete is transmitted in a reincarnate cast or “structure” which is then treated in a restricted milieu, shipped to the building spot and elevated into place.

By manufacturing precast concrete in a restricted milieu (a precast plant), the precast concrete is granted the chance to accurately heal and be strictly observed by plant recruits. There are many diverse varieties of precast concrete forming systems for architectural applications, conflicting in magnitude, utility, and price.


Here we are going to bring to light the benefits of precast concrete for the architects, designers, engineers, contractors, insurers, and environmentalists.

  • Precast concrete endures day to day wear and tear.
  • It is defiant to rainwater dissemination, flood smash up, and can also endure winter congeal.
  • Precast buildings proffer more retreat, tranquility, and sound diminution.
  • It is an excellent acoustic substance for music and is also an effectual sound barricade along busy roads.
  • Precast reacts gradually to external temperature modifications and so diminishes peak heating and cooling.
  • Precast safeguards the heating and cooling system within surface radiations.
  • It can bear pre-installed efficacy services and fixtures.
  • Precast does not obstruct with radio signals, Wi-Fi, or internet services.
  • It shelters from typhoons and keeps buildings protected as it’s intricate to infiltrate it.
  • It is putrefaction and mold proof and is defiant to mild dew.
  •  It does not get harmed due to vermin, rodents, or termites .
  • It has extended resilience and gets stronger over time.
  • Precast concrete aids in reducing dead loads.
  • It diminishes vibrations and is thus employed in sports complexes and music halls.
  • It provides high design safety and can easily bear heavier loads.
  • It is defiant to chemicals and easily absorbs impulsive impact loads.
  • It can be utilized in structurally motivated ventures due to its amalgamated feature.
  • Precast concrete can be wrought in any structure and can be premeditated to be tailored.
  • The precision and exactness of precast concrete are very lofty.
  • Precast concrete is fashioned in plants under restricted conditions guaranteeing top-quality output.
  • It significantly condenses the time.
  • It offers a diverse assortment of sizes for a variety of spans.
  • It is trouble-free & quick to install.
  • Diminishes on-site dripping works.
  • It is cost-effective.

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