The Elements of Industrialization

The core element of setting up an industry is the material that is required for it. This ranges from the steel beams or bars, concrete, designing blueprints, engineering, electricity supply, interior designing, plumbing, painting, managing, etc. There is a limited number of companies offering all these services in one place in a developing country like ours. Therefore, it is only wise for the governmental as well as private industrialization project managers to reach out to those all-in-one companies.

Construction Services

Construction design: 

Trained architects and civil engineers are sought for this technical job. The location of the industry is carefully selected, conforming to the laws and not to pose any serious environmental threat. Blueprints are laid out and a visually appealing and commercially efficient building is set to be constructed. This step requires a trained construction company with years of expertise.


Concrete is formed by a mixture of multiple naturally occurring substances like water, rock, and gravel, as well as commercially prepared Portland cement. Concrete is the basic building material for construction. It may be used as concrete blocks reinforced with cement, or as concrete poured and left to stand within moulds. For construction purposes, this concrete is reinforced. 

Reinforced Concrete:

Concrete is reinforced by steel welded wire, glass fibers, glass or carbon FRP bars. Most importantly, concrete is reinforced by steel rods and bars.

Steel bars:

The steel bars also known as steel rods are a necessary component to build the framework of a building. They are available in varying tensile strengths depending on the uses as well as the area where they are to be used. Stronger steel bars are employed in earthquake zones as well as high-rise buildings, while moderate strength is required to build small economical homes. 

Mild steel bars are well-formed while Deformed steel bars possess a rough surface to improve the bonding of the steel with concrete. Physical properties like tensile strength, yield stress, elongation percentage, etc are duly considered when supplying steel for commercial purposes. 

Therefore, care should be employed to prevent a mismatch of building materials. Such intricacies are better dealt with by construction companies that have been in this business for a long time.


After laying down the basic skeleton of a building, welding is employed to cut out the windows, door frames, as well as drains. Welding work is usually performed by manual labor operating industrial equipment, and using an oxyacetylene torch for a flame. This is a time-consuming process.

Ittefaq group – an ideal construction choice:

Landing onto a construction company could be a technical choice, had we not had the option of Ittefaq group. Offering a plethora of construction services since 1986, it has become a leading construction head in Pakistan. Therefore, make sure to seek the expertise of these professionals to reach new heights, quite literally.