Tayar Chatain


Infrastructural advancements in the construction industry are the result of the accessibility of precast structures. We all use the term “Tayar Chatain” in Pakistan. This is also a part of precast structures. It has facilitated us a lot and has helped us to make the most convoluted structures like bridges and buildings. The precast infrastructure and blocks are available in different sizes, shapes and lengths. These are used for various industrial and home construction purposes. This has revolutionized the construction industry. Now it is not a problem to get the desired “Tayar Chatain” in your area without spending too much time on hiring the contractors and workforce.

The precast infrastructure has made it possible to get the instant structures for homes, offices and buildings. The precast concrete blocks are available in different styles. Some are flat and some are in blocked form. The size varies for these precast roofs and structures; however, you can also choose the customized options. These blocks and roofs can be produced with exact and precise dimensions as per the requirement of the client. The other benefit that someone can get from these precast roofs and infrastructure is the strength factor. Walls, roofs, blocks and panels made from ready mix concrete are durable and can remain effective for many years.

It has a high load capacity and can bear a lot of weight. With time the durability and strength of these structures also increase. The structure is resistant to harsh weather conditions, environmental factors and natural disasters. This resistant structure protects the buildings and homes from infiltration of water and dampness. These are the two main issues that one can face while buying those structures. But if you will look for reliable and efficient services, then you are unlikely to get the unsatisfactory results. Ittefaq Group is known for making the precast structures like tayar chatain, blocks, panels and other concrete products. We are here to serve you to meet all your infrastructural and architectural needs perfectly. If you are looking for any precast structure, we guarantee you to provide the best products at affordable rates.

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