Precast Boundary Wall VS Brick Boundary Wall

Brick is a universal preference for outside walls. Although they are easy to work with and are aesthetically pleasing as well, still they receive a massive challenge from the precast walls. Here we will compare and contrast the brick boundary wall with the precast boundary wall to figure out the reasons why the precast boundary wall supersedes the brick boundary wall. The brick boundary wall is made of clay and its durability depends upon the quality of plaster used. On the contrary, the precast boundary wall is made from the concrete and steel materials and it is very weighty and resilient as compared to the customary bricks.

The erection of the brick boundary wall takes a minimum of a week for just 100-meter boundary wall construction. As the brick boundary wall consists of multi individual bricks, so, we need lengthy installation and hard labor process. Whereas, the erection time of a 100-meter precast boundary wall construction will take a minimum of two days. So that, the precast boundary wall drastically reduces working time.

In terms of material, the traditional bricks are extremely expensive. While the precast concrete panels are not only cost-effective but also provide long -lasting life.

In case of the wall turning failure during the construction of a brick boundary wall, a large section might get damaged and we might need to create the new boundary wall construction. On the contrary, if we encounter the same problem of wall turning failure during the construction of a precast boundary wall, only a few columns might get affected, so, we ought to replace the few concrete panels only. Doing minor repairs will make these panels reusable ones. The precast boundary walls require a lesser amount of repair costs and an instant installation process.  

The traditional bricks provide security. The bricks only have 150mm thickness which makes it easier to break by using hard tools. The precast panels provide high security. The panels are manufactured by the high tensile reinforced wires with high-grade concrete so that it is not easily broken and can only be broken mechanically.

Brick boundary walls are vulnerable to damage from moisture, which makes it an inferior option in the moist climates. Whereas, the precast boundary walls are resistant to termites, mold, and rot.

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